Things to Watch out for in the Florida 2016 Legislative Session: There Is a Storm Brewing in the Florida Legislature and We Are in the Cone of Uncertainty – Fight to Keep Your Ability to Assign Your Benefits so That You Can Be Protected After Disaster Strikes

2015 HB 669 and SB 1064 which did not survive committee, sought to prevent individuals who wanted to assign their contract benefits to third parties. A very common situation this arises in occurs when your property is damaged after a storm or a hurricane (e.g., Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Frances, Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Dennis, and Hurricane Wilma) and you need to get your home repaired immediately. A contractor comes to your home, performs the necessary repairs and you assign your property insurance benefits to the contractor so that they can take care of billing your insurance company and receive payment directly without hassle to you. Well, special interest groups, ahem… Insurance Companies, are trying to get law passed to prevent you and other consumers from assigning your insurance rights in a contract to a contractor. What’s worse is that the proposed legislation would likely cut off the contractor’s ability sue for full payment in the event that the insurance company doesn’t want to pay the full and necessary amount of the repairs.

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